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Philosophy in My Sweet Roll

what do philosophy and sweet rolls have to do with each other?

The idea came to me while running one morning a couple of months ago. Daily, I’m fascinated by this world. I think it’s enchanted like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I know those are fairy tales, but isn’t there a spell or an orc of truth in the brushing of your teeth, the driving to work @ 732am CST in your white honda civic, and watching a good youtube video? I think so.


The reason for “sweet roll” is simple: I just really love sweet or, as it seems most people know these delicious little suckers as, cinnamon rolls. Always have, I bet I always will. Gosh.


I thought to myself, “what are two things I love a whole lot?” Sweets rolls and truth. I think that there is deep weighty truth that ain’t talked about in something that I oftentimes carelessly relegate to just a physical realm, the sweet roll. So why not talk about things that I think reflect God himself in the ordinary. So, that’s just what I’m setting out to do: talk, write, and show how I think ordinary things reflect the deepest truths that we, as humans, can know.


Several rules of order to give you an idea of what to expect from this website:

  1. If something seems, reads, looks, etc. real and true, I’m going to believe that it is real and true.
  2. I hate having to commit to one topic, so I’ll be talking about a bunch of stuff.
  3. I love learning about others, so would love for you to email me your thoughts, sign up for my Truth list (only sending you true things as if you are my friend) here, or follow me on twitter @philosophyinmy1.


Buckle up, traveler!, we’ve got a lot to see.