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what you missed from the 2nd half of Dan & I’s chat

*the recording of the 2nd half of Dan & I’s conversation didn’t work, so here are some highlights of what we talked about:

-more talk about archaeological evidence for the Bible. What? you say…there’s real, like the kind of evidence that I’d use to argue gravity is real, evidence for Biblical events happening, people in the Bible existing? Yes. I’m telling you guys, I just show and tell you what I see with my own 2 eyes. He was telling me all about this dig site in Israel? (I’ll ask Dan then correct this) in which all kinds of household items were discovered that helped to validate/legitimize the Bible’s descriptions of this person (once again I’m blanking on who this oh-so-important-Biblical-figure-is-that-I-just-can’t-remember, but Dan will set us straight!). The point being: I just dropped a truth bomb on us. Validate or invalidate that claim. What is true? Obviously, if all of what I’m telling you is in fact true that doesn’t automatically mean God & Jesus are real and that you should give your life to Jesus AND I hope, for those that think the Bible’s a bunch of hogwash, this makes you consider maybe it’s not.

See! That’s not a huge step. Think about it. If you’re not convinced to even consider that your understanding of Jesus & the Bible might not be as accurate as you think, that’s ok…much more interesting facts, thoughts, and feelings to follow!

-this is simply a “gravesite” filling up the space that both the lost audio and now even my memory of what Dan & I talked about in the 2nd half of our conversation would have inhabited. It was so good that it must not be forgotten! So…be sure to listen to the 1st & only half of our conversation…does that make it a whole??